Túatha Dé Danann – First Battle of Mag Tuired

The Fir Bolg gave them (the Tuatha De Danann) battle upon Mag Tuired; they were a long time fighting that battle.¹ The Túatha Dé Danann are almost reluctantly introduced in Section VI: FIR BOLG in the LGE where they do battle against the reigning tribe of Ireland, the Fir Bolg. Eochu is identified as the… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – First Battle of Mag Tuired

Túatha Dé Danann – Landing

Now such was the greatness of their knowledge, that they came without ships or vessels, and lighted upon the mountain of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta.¹ Following the supposed magical or demonic mode of transport used by the TDD, their places of landing are given as ‘Conmaicne Rein’, the region of present-day south Leitrim, ‘Conmaicne Cuile’,… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Landing