Túatha Dé Danann – Lug

Cian son of Dian Cecht whose other name was Scal Balb, gave her (Tailltiu) his son in fosterage, namely Lug, whose mother was Eithne daughter of Balar.¹ As discussed Nuadu Airgetlam was a known deity, not on the continent of Europe but more locally to England and Ireland. Lug by comparison, extends over the whole… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Lug

Túatha Dé Danann – Bress

Bress died in Carn ui Neit, by the treachery of Lug, with no fullness of falsehood: for him it was a cause of quarrel indeed, drinking bog-stuff in the guise of milk.¹ How might the long established tradition of a regnal name, used by monarchs and popes during their reigns to identify them, be connected… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Bress