Túatha Dé Danann – Delbaeth

DELBAETH after The Dagda, ten years in the kingdom of Ireland, until he and his son (Ollam) fell at the hands of Caicher son of Nama, brother of Nechtan.¹ Named as the successor to the Dagda and the sixth king of the TDD dynasty, much has already been touched upon in relation to Delbaeth. In… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Delbaeth

Túatha Dé Danann – Nuadu Airgetlam (Part 2)

NUADU AIRGETLAM, he it is who was king over the Tuatha De Danann for seven years before their coming into Ireland, till his arm was cut from him in the first battle of Mag Tuired. BRESS son of Elada took the kingship of Ireland thereafter to the end of seven years, until the arm of… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Nuadu Airgetlam (Part 2)

Túatha Dé Danann – Landing

Now such was the greatness of their knowledge, that they came without ships or vessels, and lighted upon the mountain of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta.¹ Following the supposed magical or demonic mode of transport used by the TDD, their places of landing are given as ‘Conmaicne Rein’, the region of present-day south Leitrim, ‘Conmaicne Cuile’,… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Landing

Túatha Dé Danann – Origin

Their origin is uncertain, whether they were of demons or of men¹ The Túatha Dé Danann, the ‘People of the Gods of Danand’, by their association with pagan deities, have excited and inspired Irish folklore for generations. Their legacy has found its way into popular culture through the medium of film; (Hellboy II: The Golden… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Origin