Túatha Dé Danann – Delbaeth

DELBAETH after The Dagda, ten years in the kingdom of Ireland, until he and his son (Ollam) fell at the hands of Caicher son of Nama, brother of Nechtan.¹ Named as the successor to the Dagda and the sixth king of the TDD dynasty, much has already been touched upon in relation to Delbaeth. In… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Delbaeth

Túatha Dé Danann – In Dagda Mór (Part 2)

He had the three sons, Oengus, Aed, and Cermat the fair. Upon those four did the men of Ireland make the Mound of the Brug.¹ In my first post about In Dagda Mór we began MacAlister’s investigation as to how Temair became to be called. Tea, named a daughter of Lugaid (sun-god) son of Íth… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – In Dagda Mór (Part 2)

Túatha Dé Danann – Bress

Bress died in Carn ui Neit, by the treachery of Lug, with no fullness of falsehood: for him it was a cause of quarrel indeed, drinking bog-stuff in the guise of milk.¹ How might the long established tradition of a regnal name, used by monarchs and popes during their reigns to identify them, be connected… Continue reading Túatha Dé Danann – Bress